Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Decent Start

The interview went better than I expected! I ended up cradling the cell phone with my shoulder while typing on my laptop and it worked out well :) Sunil Thakur, the CEO, was very enthu about my project and we ended up chatting for about 50 minutes. The questions I had jotted down as a guide for the conversation worked on the whole, and as with all interviews, I had to reword some and bring them back into the conversation at a later point.

The one difficulty of conducting interviews over the phone, at least the one I faced today, concerns pauses. In the absence of any bodily cues, how do you read pauses in the conversation? On at least two occasions, I began speaking only to realize he still had something to say. But on the whole, decent start. I ended the interview asking him if there were others at Wahindia I could speak with - he was very receptive to the request and sent me an email (less than 5 minutes after he got off the phone) with a list of contacts - one of Wahindia's hosts (of Persian descent!), the Editor, and a former employee who helped develop the business plan and content development strategies.

And oh, the single biggest advantage of typing notes as the interview proceeds - major reduction in time spent transcribing. I spent a good 30 minutes going over the notes, completing sentences, adding follow-up questions, etc. but it was nothing compared to the hours I've spent transcribing audio tapes (esp without one of those foot-pedal things).

Anyhoo, I was supposed to work on a bunch of things after the interview, but all I've done is read the news and blog surf (is there a specific word for jumping from one blog to another?). Seriously, I have to kick this habit at some point...its not going to happen in India, that's for sure (these days in Bangalore, cybercafes charge just Rs.10/hour after 9:00 p.m.!). Anyways, here's a Bollywood PJ I came across

Q: A terminally-ill guy visits New York. His one wish in life is to get laid by a hooker. But will he find one in time? If one were to make a Hindi movie on this uncertainty in his life, what would they call it?
A: Kal Ho Na Ho.

Nice, no?! Check out the comments for more PJs, some that will have you breaking into delighted cackles, and many that will have you groaning in sheer pain. And needless to say, do add to the list.

Update: I finally got sick of the PJs and settled down to finish reading
Nawal El Saadawi's Memoirs from the Women's Prison.


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