Thursday, September 29, 2005

In Madison now

Flew in to Madison this morning for a proposal defense/friendly conversation with my PhD committee. The meeting isn't until tomorrow morning, but I figured it'd be nice to catch up with friends here, attend colloquium, and go out for drinks after that. I think I can honestly say post-colloquium merriness is the one thing I will miss the most about Madison. Random Perkins runs with Ben for coffee and gooey apple pie would come a very close second.

*sigh* I suppose it just isn't possible to inhabit a place without being inhabited by it.

Off now to pore over the proposal and anticipate questions. I'll be heading back to Chicago tomorrow, spend the weekend in Naperville, and then back to Buffalo. I'm not sure now if I'll be able to fit in a trip to Ann Arbor next weekend to visit the Wahindia office. Darn, too many things to do over the next couple of weeks.


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