Monday, September 26, 2005


In three weeks from now, I will be in India, following in the footsteps of many a desi grad student returning “home” to do fieldwork towards a dissertation. Home, in many ways, is Bangalore. My parents live there, and it is where I came into my own. It is the city in India I know best, it is where I was part of an adda. So I travel first to Bangalore, on a Kuwait Airlines flight from New York City.

From Bangalore, my "field" will extend in many directions to include Madras, Bombay, Pune, Delhi, and Hyderabad. This blog is where you will hear of my travels, conversations, and myriad other experiences. I'm not sure now what I will write, but I will write each evening. Of navigating different cities, attending fan meetings, interviewing media execs, anxiety attacks about getting no work done, swanky new lounge bars in Bangalore, and so on.