Friday, October 28, 2005

Article Published in Biblio!

I have an article in the current issue of Biblio! Following the Graduate Student South Asia Conference at the University of Chicago (Feb 2005), one of the organizers worked with Biblio to put together a few essays on popular culture in contemporary South Asia. Essays include a critical piece on the notion of “public culture” (William Mazzarella), a consideration of how popular culture and the discipline of media studies will shape the future of History (Dipesh Chakrabarty), a reflection on the “dilemmas for current scholarship on time in popular culture” (John D. Kelly), a short analysis of post-1980 Bengali cinema (Sharmistha Gooptu), censorship and the close-up shot (Babli Sinha), and finally, my piece – a look at Bollywood, new media, and participatory culture (titled Rowdies, Rasikas, and Fans).

This issue isn’t up on the Biblio site as yet (and the site requires registration). So until I find the time to scan the article and post it here, if anyone wants to take a look at the article, send me a note (


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