Friday, November 18, 2005

Celeb Sighting & a Brief Encounter with Akshay Kumar!

I was at the Marriott in Juhu this afternoon to meet with a film publicist who has done a lot of work with "new" media - from Channel [V] to microsites to ringtones. She works with production houses, but her main work these days is with stars. Every star and aspiring actor needs and has a publicist today, no two ways about that. Anyways, so there I am, in the lobby of this fancy hotel, chatting about my project and listening to her answers. Picture this ok? Me, in jeans, shirt, and shoes (I don't think they would've let me in had I worn chappals), and in walks Sanjay Kapoor. I gawk a little bit, and tell the person I'm interviewing how much I hated his acting in Raja (which also starred the one and only Madhuri Dixit). Sanjay waltzed by and I turned my attention back to the interview. [My interviwee, of course, was used to being around stars]

I try to focus on the interview and not let my eyes wander around to spot other Bollywood celebs, but no. It was not going to happen. In walks Akshay Kumar and what's more, he comes right up to where we're seated. My eyes grew wider as he neared the couch, and I nearly fell off the couch when he came up, smiled, and said hello! At this point I didn't know that Akshay was, until a few months back, my interviewee's client! So I sat there while they made small talk, wondering all the time what I would have done had Mallika Sherawat come by (who is currently my interviewee's client). Probably been in jail by now for behaving inappropriately...


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