Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Growing Old in Bangalore: a Snapshot

An uncle and aunty I know in Bangalore have a son who works in Glasgow, Scotland. He is their only child, and after nearly a decade, they are now used to their son being away and have also accepted the idea that he is not going to move back. They know they will grow old together, alone.

Uncle and aunty have a nice routine - wake up early, go for a walk (which includes visits to temples along the way), eat a light breakfast, read the newspaper and chat awhile, lunch, a nap, afternoon cup of coffee, uncle goes out to get groceries and veggies, dinner, news on TV, and to bed early. Except on Saturdays.

On Saturdays, uncle carries the telephone handset and keeps pacing around the house waiting for his son to call. Uncle and aunty both know that he will call around noon. But they will not put the handset down until have heard his voice.


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