Sunday, January 08, 2006

Indibloggies 2005: why I will vote

Bloggers’ efforts have been talked about (not always in postive vein) a lot over the past couple of years. Every respectable newspaper and magazine has reflected upon the influence that bloggers have had in re-shaping news/information flows and thereby, public opinion to some degree.

As someone who has benefited tremendously from the many wonderful bloggers working, as Amit Varma points out, "
just for the love of it," I believe their influence lies in the insistent, everyday-ness of their work. Success stories of mobilization around an issue abound – like the time Sepiamutiny played a key role in organizing protests against a racist DJ. But the larger significance of blogs might rest in the sheer range of voices that are in conversation with each other on a daily basis.

Terrorism & immigration, rural development & technology, outsourcing & globalization, music & race relations, cinema & cultural identity – complex issues that inspire heated and often jargon-filled discussions in academia. Blogs bring these down to earth, personalize them, and provide a space for us to talk. In the process, there are pointless shouting matches that make me throw my hands up in despair. But for most part, the conversations have forced me to rethink some strongest convictions about myself , those around me, and the many worlds I live in. And what’s more, it is immense fun! For all these reasons and more, I will pay my dues by logging on to this site, and cast my vote for those who have made the future of the Web that much brighter.


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