Monday, February 27, 2006

Chamki, Aancho, Googly, and Boombah!

These are names of Sesame Street characters when they debut on Indian television screens. Called Gali Gali Sim Sim, the show won't feature the Cookie Monster or Rosita. What we have instead is an inquisitive 5-year old (Chamki), Chamki's best friend who loves to read (Googly), a storyteller who takes you places (Aanchoo), and a friendly, cuddly lion who loves to dance (Boombah, from Boombagarh!).

As Asha Singh, director of education and research at Sesame Workshop, explains, the cast will include the local Muppets Chamki, Aanchoo, Googly and Boombah, as well as several human characters representing different regions and religions."

This latest instance of Indianizing a television show is a collaborative effort between Turner International and Miditech. Turner has bragging rights when it comes to TV for kids in India - Cartooon Network India and POGO are a staple of every kid who lives in a cable TV household. And Miditech, run by the Alva brothers (who did some cutting edge stuff on DD, a show called Living on the Edge comes to mind right away), are today production unit with immense credibility and a reputation for innovation.
(via and CNN.IBN)


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