Thursday, February 23, 2006

Early Bollywood Fandom

I was scouring the web for archives of groups like rec.arts.movies.local.indian and and came across this wonderful, wonderful compilation of humorous dialogues from Hindi films, Ajeet jokes(some made up, but equally funny), and even transliterations of some memorable adverts that made Doordarshan such a riot!

Here's one of my favourites (unfortunately, translations don't always work):

The scene: Pran is looking through a telescope at a safe from afar. He turns to his henchman and says (in the famous Pran style):
Wo safe Johnson & Johnson ka hai. Iss duniya mein sirf teen log use khol sakte hain.
(That is a Johnson & Johnson safe, only three people in this world can crack it open)
Kaun boss, kaun? (Who boss, who?)
Johnson, Johnson, aur main (Johnson, Johnson, and me!)

I wish I'd been part of such early Usenet fun! By the time I got on to r.a.m.l.i, a couple of trolls had all but destroyed what must have surely been a nice group. In fact, it was through r.a.m.l.i that I got to know of folks like David Chute, one of the earliest film critics in the U.S. to write knowledgeably about Indian cinema.


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