Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Off to Vancouver: Society for Cinema & Media Studies Conference

Yes, folks who make a career out of watching film and TV (and lately, those who spend way too much time with their playstations and x-boxes) have a society of their own. And every year, they get together in wonderful cities worldwide (London, in 2005), present papers with a lot of impressive jargon, and persuade themselves that media studies is where the action is and to hell with the snooty Ivy League schools who don't consider media studies a discipline in its own right. I decided to join the fun this year, and will be presenting a paper titled "Filmi Addas: Indian Cinema, New Media, and Participatory Culture."

I'm part of a panel on Indian cinema. Does a paper on new media and fandom fit in with papers that deal with "Nishant/Night's End" (Jyotika Virdi on Shyam Benegal's film), "Dr. Kotnis ki Amar Kahani" (Neepa Majumdar), or "Genre, Masculinity and the Hindi Crime-melodrama" (Meheli Sen)? Tsk...tsk...only conference newbies would ask such a question. Unless you submit a panel proposal, you are at the mercy of the conference organizers and given they deal with a large volume of submissions, what could be easier than putting papers on Indian cinema into one panel? Is it frustrating to be tagged as the "bollywood guy"? Sure. But as my good friend Ben says, hey, I'll ride that wagon if it gets me a job!

I'm excited though! Vancovuer is a fun city and an absolute treat if you're a foodie: so far, Ben and I have identified a sushi joint, a south Indian fusion restaurant, and a bakery that makes 30-40 different kinds of cupcakes! And, Jyotika and I have planned an outing to the desi part of Vancouver to hunt for cheap DVDs! I'm hoping the conference venue has free wi-fi, and if so, I'll certainly blog as the conference unfolds. If you've been to Vancouver and have ideas on where to go and what to do, pl let me know.


  • say hi to Adheesh for me. he will have all the info. for you.

    By Blogger sepoy, at 2/28/2006 9:30 AM  

  • Hi Aswin-Sorry this is unrelated to this post. Are you the same who wrote on Lata Mani's Interleaves on Arrey Baba? I ask because am looking for a copy of the book and cd and much of what you've said in that post has gone through my mind too. If you've read it, what do you think of it?
    I have read her book on Sati, some years ago.Thanks

    By Blogger MumbaiGirl, at 2/28/2006 7:30 PM  

  • Sepoy - thanks! Will look out for Adheesh.

    mumbaigirl - will respond soon as I'm back from the conf. Short answer: I liked "interleaves" a lot, it is self published, so you'll have to write to lata mani. Will send you her contact info when i'm back.

    By Blogger Aswin, at 3/02/2006 1:48 PM  

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