Monday, March 20, 2006

Convicted Criminal? Bollywood beckons...

From the BBC:

When little-known Bollywood director Nabh Kumar Raju was looking for six actors to star in his movie on the underworld, he had one criterion: they should have committed or had a brush with crime at some point of their lives.
The movie, called Hitlist, is based on six criminals getting together in India's financial capital, Mumbai (Bombay), and making a list of all the important people they intend to target.

"If real criminals or people who have had personal experiences with crime and law come forward and act in such a movie, then it is not acting for them, it becomes real. All the characters become themselves in the movie and dialogues will not seem like dialogues but actual conversation."

I suppose no one told Mr. Raju that back in 1996, a Kannada film (Om) starred actual Bangalore gangsters. My "regional" self gets all hot and bothered when journalists who report on "Bollywood" never cast a glance south towards the Tamil, Telugu, or Kannada film industries.


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