Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Immigration Test, Dutch Style

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief as I read about this on India Uncut. This really takes Norman Tebbit's ideas re "assimilation" to a whole other level. I googled a bit and came across a story on another proposal that only Dutch be spoken on the streets. What is Iron Rita thinking?
Two men kissing in a park and a topless woman bather are featured in a film that will be shown to would-be immigrants to the Netherlands.The reactions of applicants — including Muslims — will be examined to see whether they are able to accept the country’s liberal attitudes.

Those sitting the test will be expected to identify William of Orange and to know which country Crown Princess Maxima comes from (Argentina) and whether hitting women and female circumcision are permitted.

Other key details from the story:

Applicants will sit the exam at one of 138 embassies around the world. They will answer 15 minutes of questions and those who pass the first stage will have to complete two “citizenship” tests over five years and swear a pledge of allegiance to Holland and its constitution.

A spokeswoman for Verdonk [that's Rita Verdonk] said an edited version of the DVD would be available for showing in Middle Eastern countries such as Iran where it would be illegal to possess images of homosexuality.


  • This kind of knee jerk reaction typifies what has come to characterize immigration policies in the US after 9/11. Even in the US, green card holders have to take citizenship classes where they are taught American history. It's tough to picture an Indian grandma learning about James Madison and to think that is regarded as an assimilatory step. Sorry for rambling on. I guess my point is classes don't help if there is no real dialogue between the respective cultures of the immigrant and the native.

    By Blogger Durga, at 3/20/2006 10:42 AM  

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