Friday, March 24, 2006

Simply South Fridays

Every Friday, this blog will feature links to interesting stories from the world of Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam cinema. Why, you ask? For one, much work needs to be done to interrogate how "Bollywood" has come to define Indian cinema for much of the world. Two, The Hindu's Friday Review does a nice job of reporting on entertainment from cities that are media capitals in their own right - Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Thiruvananthapuram - and I learn much from those stories. And finally, the name. Simply South was a show on [V] back in the 90s which showcased regional films once a week. For a kid growing up in Bangalore, those 30 minutes were much-needed affirmation that the south (and not just Bombay) was also "cool," to be able to shout out, "we are also like this only!"

p.s. [V]'s line in India was: We are like this only. It was brilliant. It said: so what if you're a fan of Madhuri Dixit? It is your pop culture damn it, and if you think Madhuri is better than Madonna, so be it. Tell the world: we are like this only. So for somone like me, who liked Madhuri but also thought superstar Rajni was wicked cool, [V] didn't offer much. We were also like that only, but what to do...we were never cool enough for the bambaiyyas (folks from Bombay).


  • I remember never watching the "Simbly South" shows till I went to Manipal. It's interesting!

    Similarly, Bengali Pop is pretty big in West Bengal and every Bengali (from Kolkata) I have met has a pretty big collection.

    By Anonymous mandira, at 3/24/2006 11:08 AM  

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