Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spike Lee goes to Bollywood...

That's right. Spike Lee decided to tap into the wonderful world of desi film music and picked up one of Rahman's best numbers, Chaiyya Chaiyaa (from Dil Se) to open his latest film (Inside Man). Michael Dequina (of Cinemarati) writes:
Lee even plays more or less the entire track over the whole main title sequence (though the version used sounded like the slightly abbreviated 2002 remix for the Andrew Lloyd Webber-produced stage musical Bombay Dreams and not the original 1998 movie version), and then he plays a faithful new remix version over the entire closing crawl; the only major deviation in the reprise are some additional Terence Blanchard-contributed strings and a couple of surprisingly unobtrusive English rap verses contributed by Panjabi MC.

Many will dismiss this as nothing but Hollywood's nod to what is still an "alien," mis-interpreted, and grossly underestimated film industry. But then, these are the traces that some grad student might find intriguing as s/he plots a dissertation on the Bollywood-Hollywood encounter of the late 20th and early 21st centuries that is unfolding even as I write this.
(Sumati, thanks for the link!)


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