Monday, March 27, 2006

Update: Rs.50 FM Station Shut Down

From (via Commons-law listserv):
A Central Government team raided Mansoorpur village in Bihar and shut down an FM radio station that was being run illegally. It was cheap and had become a part of the local community but ironically was also illegal. The residents of Vaishali may soon have to do without their favourite radio station - FM Radio Raghav Mansoorpur 1.

The state government is also not interested to have this FM Station run, as it has been running without a license. But the owner of Mansoorpur 1 and its fans are protesting the move. "Everybody here will protest. We all get a lot of information from this channel," a fan of Mansoorpur 1, Mohan says. "People won't get any information. We advertise the Pulse Polio program, give news. Nobody listens to tape. Everybody enjoys listening to my station," the owner of Mansoorpur 1, Raghav says. Run from a hut, it is the only source of entertainment for the villagers in and around Mansoorpur.

To read about FM radio licenses, and the short-sightedness of the Indian govt. when dealing with radio, go here, and here for a short take on the different phases of FM licensing.


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