Thursday, April 06, 2006

Update: Help from US for Rs.50 FM Station

From DNA (hat-tip to Ramya):
A private United States radio has offered help in restarting the one-man FM Radio Mansoorpur-1 that was run from a hutment in Bihar's Vaishali district for four years before it was shut down for not having a licence. Project director Stephan Dunifer of Free Radio Berkeley said he would help Raghav Mahato restart 'Radio – Mansoorpur-1'.

The news about the raid and the subsequent shutting down of the FM station appeared in a portal on Bihar run by Sudhir Kumar, following which Free Radio Berkeley sent an email to Kumar seeking details of Mahato. The US-based radio said it was prepared to gift a 15-watt transmitter and antenna to Mahato to run the station.


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