Friday, April 21, 2006

vicious spring season

A beautiful day, bright sunshine, the first leaves and flowers of the season...good reasons to open all the windows and shutters and let the gentle spring breeze waft through, thought the baristas at the coffee shop I frequent these days. Little do they know of my struggles with an unseen but paralyzing force known as pollen. A couple of minutes is all it takes - a sniffle and a cough and you know you're up against it. And when your eyes begin itching and watering, you know you're down.

So here I am, sipping my iced chai latte, wondering how unfair it is to expect "15 minutes of writing" when focusing on the screen for more than a minute makes one's eyes water. Very unfair, no? Maybe I should go read Amardeep's posts on theory, blogging, and Spivak. Might spark some ideas, you know (if some Spivak quote doesn't give me a headache).


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