Sunday, August 06, 2006

Aran: Shot in Kashmir, Amidst Gunfire

Poland just won't do, decides an ex-army man turned producer. R. B Choudhary, who has helped filmmakers like Mani Ratnam plan film sequences in border areas, talks about his experiences shooting Aran (starring Mohanlal).

They pushed realism to the limits.Producer R. B. Choudhary, director Major Ravi and the crew plonked themselves in the turbulent terrain of Kashmir, for nearly a month (27 days to be exact) amidst real gunfire, for the shooting of `Aran.'

"Generally I never go to the sets; nor do I travel with the unit. But `Aran' was a different ball game ... a high-risk project, because we were shooting in Kashmir. I couldn't sit here in peace when my people were working under potentially perilous conditions," smiles Choudhary. He stayed with the crew in Kashmir for all the 27 days.

Full story here.


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