Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bollywoodization of Page 3: a quote

One of the themes that kept coming up during my interviews with media producers and execs in Mumbai concerned Page 3, and how Bollywood personalities seem to have taken over Page 3 culture. Here's an excerpt from an interview I did with a TV producer:

Page 3 started off with high-society. But in the mid-90s, Bollywood started becoming cool, and the line between high-society and film became very blurred. There used to be a separate page for cinema, and a separate one for Page 3, and gradually, the characters on the two pages started crossing over from one page to another.

This was also the time when Bollywood was no longer about Govinda - it was about Shahrukh and Adi chopra and Karan Johar. And I'd even say it was Karan Johar mainly - he was the poster boy. He was a mahalakshmi kid who went and made one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. on the one hand, he was making films with his childhood friends in them, like Kajol. On the other hand, he was hanging out with Avanti and Yash Birla and his friends were Rhea Pillai...socialites, you know.

Adi was very media shy. Karan was really the guy who made Bollywood cool, and brought in the crowds who previously used to look down on Bollywood films. And in time, the socialites also realized that it was cool to invite Bollywood stars to their parties. These stars were no longer like Govinda and Mithun - they were cool, suave, very cosmopolitan, very global.


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