Wednesday, August 16, 2006

If you've played cricket...

Played a few hundred hours of cricket growing up? Think that's enough to have a feel for what exactly transpires in the middle when Rahul Dravid is batting? Rohit Brijnath asks you to stop cribbing about slow run rates and reflect, even if only for a moment, and marvel at what cricketers do. Article here.
When Brett Lee bowls, he propels the ball at a speed beyond our understanding; 150kmph is meaningless to us, we have no frame of reference.

From 22 yards, most people would not see the ball, would not register its course, before it arrives at their throat to complete an involuntary tracheotomy.

Yet in these fractions of a second, as our brain arrests, Dravid has seen, recognised and categorised the ball, sent a message to his hands, legs, body to arrange themselves, blending memory and reflex and anticipation and knowledge, and as his bat rises, and soft hands ensure the ball drops right down to his feet, here's what you and I think. Dammit. No run.


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