Monday, August 07, 2006

"NRIs are the villagers of India," says King Khan

If he hasn't quit yet, what is Shahrukh Khan smoking these days? In an interview with Mayank Shekhar (Mumbai Mirror), Khan holds forth on many a topic. Here's what he has to say about NRIs and the K-JO genre:

MS: How do you explain being the prime draw among NRIs?
SRK: The technical reason is the return of the cinema in the '90s after VCRs became outdated. We did 'yuppie' films that featured English-speaking actors. However, let me also tell you that NRIs are the villagers of India. You meet them and they go, "What you are doing yaar; I don't know what the f*** is happening, yaar". They went abroad from Amritsar, Pind; and even now, 90 per cent of NRIs are from the villages of Gujarat'. The South Indians are the only educated people you will find abroad and they are not the greatest audience we have. We have a South Indian film audience but they are not our NRI audience. The bottom-line is that we are again catering to the same people.

The rest of the interview here.
(via Indian Writing)


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