Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Amol Palekar and sexuality

I know, sexuality isn't the word that comes to mind when one brings up Amol Palekar. Middle class hero, middle cinema, or ramprasad dasrathprasad sharma and his twin lakshmanprasad dasrathprasad sharma spring readily to mind (revisit Golmaal here). Palekar doesn't make the news often, the hype surrounding Paheli being the sole exception.

But true to his middle-cinema roots, Amol Palekar has been exploring themes that no big-name director in Bollywood would touch. Can you think of anyone who would tackle a relationship between a rural girl and transvestite dancer (Daayra), or the sexual awakening of a queen in 10th century B.C. (Anaahat)? Having done this to critical acclaim, Palekar is now ready to release Thaang/The Quest, which deals with the "sexual incompatibility between an urban married couple."

From Rediff, an interview with Amol Palekar.


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