Thursday, September 07, 2006

Arrival Stories

This story in the Chronicle sparked memories of my own arrival in Athens, Ga, in the fall of 1999. Like the students in this story, I too sent emails to various "officers" of the Indian Students Association at the University of Georgia, and received detailed information on how to get to Athens from Atlanta. I was received by a couple of "seniors" who asked the standard questions within minutes of meeting me: where are you from? where did you do your undergrad? do you have funding? what are you going to study here? At one of their homes, in a part of athens dubbed "jamuna nagar" (james town), I answered many more questions, and received much 'gyaan' on navigating life in a small southern town. Needless to say, they fed me well (chole), and with a couple of phone calls, arranged an apartment that was within walking distance of the journalism school.

Read the whole story here.