Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Doordarshan Documentary Alert

Patwardhan has never had it easy with Doordarshan (DD). His award-winning films have been screened worldwide, to much acclaim (and of course, controversy), but DD has always stayed away tfrom them. In 1998, a Selection Committee justified their decision not to telecast the film on DD:

The documentary entitled 'Father, Son & Holy War' depicts the rise of Hindu fundamentalism and male chauvinism without giving any solution how it could be checked. The violence and hatred which is depicted in the whole documentary will have an adverse effect on the minds of the viewers.

Now, nearly 8 years later, the Supreme Court has directed DD to screen the film.
..."Father, Son and Holy War", a two hour, two-part documentary critique of the male psyche and its relationship to communal violence, which was completed in 1995. The film was passed without cuts by the Central Board of Film Certification and it went on to win two National Awards in 1996 for Best Social Film and Best Investigative Film.

Now, finally, the TV audiences across the country will get a chance to watch the film, included among the 50 memorable documentaries in world cinema by Europe's DOX magazine.

Story here. Full text of the judgment here.
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